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Mersey Repurposing and Antiques

Mersey Repurposing and Antiques is home to a family-run upcycling and re-using initiative. We offer personalised gifts whilst simultaneously providing a selection of unchanged items. Based in New Brighton, Wallasey, The Wirral, many of our main customers are from the Liverpool area of Merseyside.

MR Services

  • Design of fun, repurposed items and gifts from upcycled antiques and unused objects that would otherwise end up rotting in landfill.
  • A selection of antique items as great gifts that remain unchanged in the shop.
  • An individual and personal service for each of our project sales. It is consequently possible to fully customise our gifts and assemble gift packages.

So- what is Repurposing?

Created to provide modern solutions to transform antiques into something useable and new, Mersey Repurposing and Antiques make personalised gifts from other antique products. As a result, antique items’ use and value can be extended into the future. This makes our business model is highly ecologically friendly. Please enjoy browsing our shop and home page in order to see a little more about us.

Due to the size of our current venture, our projects are relatively small scale. We hope to be able to increase output of new designs over the coming months. Moreover, this leads to great customer relations with our early ventures.

For more information about our origins and aims, please visit the about page, or to see what we currently have in store. If you’re looking for something in particular, please use the search engine or click on the catalogue.

Mersey Repurposing and Antiques Telephones

One of the many types of repurposed items we offer is rewired is antique telephones (VoiP compatible). To make them useable in today’s homes and offices, we assemble them to order and are able to fully customise to taste.In order to learn more about these and other interesting projects, please see our projects page.

Other Mersey Repurposing and Antiques Projects

MR has also recently been asked to supply morse code tappers to radio users. We are waiting to find out more information about how these tappers will be used.

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