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A radio we might repurpose.

Individually repurposed personal gifts

Looking for that personal gift that shows you’ve thought outside the box? Maybe something repurposed, unique or quirky? MR has a range of individually designed gifts which shout out just how unique you think your loved one is. Examples of our personalised gifts include antique phones and clocks brought back into modern day-to-day use, stunning pottery and glassware with a secondary and less ornamental purpose, such as a lamp, scent distributor, sweet jar or candle holder, or even a unique card with a famous pertinent antique image. We also have a wide range of classic books which we are re-packaging with and information pack, making the reading more meaningful and absorbing. For truly bespoke gifts, please scan our antiques catalogue and email us with your idea – we can price it up and give you a timescale.
To know what our current gift ideas are and how they are progress, please contact us, or check out our “Projects Page” where you can see updates on things we are practically working on at the minute.

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