About Mersey Repurposing

Mersey Repurposing and Antiques is home to a family-run upcycling and re-using initiative based in New Brighton, Wallasey, The Wirral, with many of its main customers from the Liverpool area of Merseyside.

. Created to provide modern solutions to transform antiques into something useable and new, we make personalised gifts that extend an antique’s use and value into the future. As a result, our business model is highly ecologically friendly we personally guarantee that (wherever possible) all parts are recycled. Please enjoy browsing our shop and home page to see what we are about a little more.


  • We design fun, repurposed items and gifts from upcycled antiques and unused objects that would otherwise end up rotting in landfill.
  • We offer a selection of antique items that remain unchanged in the shop.
  • We provide an individual and personal service for each of our project sales. As a result of this, our gifts can mostly be fully customised.

Our Beginnings

MR started up after a family loss and a move to New Brighton in the Wirral, which forced us to take a new perspective on items that were old but no longer used. Instead of having a house clearance, we decided to improve and upcycle through a modern, ecologically friendly lens. This breathes new life into much loved pieces and increases the value of objects that are in desperate need of renovation. Due to the nature of our store, a great deal of research has gone into every item as we do not want to damage or change pieces that have historical significance in their current state. We handle interesting objects in this manner, and so we regularly post interesting and unusual items on our Facebook page, or right here on the Mersey Repurposing and Antiques home page.

Because we are a small, family-run business, at the moment our projects are relatively small scale and we cannot cater to extremely large custom orders. However, we pride ourselves on our finished products’ quality therefore will not sell objects in any other condition than advertised.

Mersey Repurposing Telephones

  • Hanging antique telephone - Mersey Repurposing About page
  • Antique wall mounted telephone
  • Antique hanging telephone - Mersey Repurposing About page
  • Black vintage bakelight telephone
  • Candlestick telephone
  • Antique telephone - Mersey Repurposing About page
  • Cream telephone
  • Black telephone - Mersey Repurposing About page

One of the many types of repurposed items we offer is rewired is antique telephones (VoiP compatible), to make them useable in today’s homes and offices. These are made to order with Arduino circuits and therefore fully customisable. To learn more about these and other interesting projects, please see our projects page.

If you have any enquiries about Mersey Repurposing, please email us via our online form.