MR Gifts

Looking for a gift to show you’ve thought outside the box? MR has a range of individually designed gifts to show how unique your loved one is. Examples of our personalised gifts can be seen throughout our store. They range from antique phones and clocks brought back into modern day-to-day use to stunning pottery and glassware with a secondary and less ornamental purpose. We also have a collection of classic books, re-packaged with an information pack, making the reading that much more meaningful. For truly bespoke gifts, please view our antiques catalogue and email us with your idea. With your input, we can price it up and give you a timescale.
To see our current gift ideas are and how they progress, please contact us or check out our Projects Page. You can also find updates on our Facebook.

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MR Gift Bundles

Looking for that perfect personalised gift selection? Here is a selection of our handpicked pieces that can be bought together as a bundle.

The Clock Repair Bundle:

A collection of clock and watch repair books. This selection includes four books detailing the upkeep and maintenance of various timepieces. A must have for the horologically inclined, the collection includes:

“Striking and Chiming Clocks: Their Working and Repair” by Eric Smith.

“Repairing Old Clocks and Watches” by Anthony J. Whiten.

“Repairing Antique Clocks: A Guide for Amateurs” by Eric Smith.

“Repairing and Restoring Pendulum Clocks” by John Plewes.

To see the full details of the bundle please click here.